Building partnerships and sharing Christ with the people and churches of Puerto Rico

Mission and Vision:

A little about us

Howard and Connie have been leading mission trips around the world for the past 15 years. They have a passion and the experience to coordinate your mission trip to Puerto Rico. As a former Missions Pastor at Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, CO for 14 years, Howard gained so much knowledge about how to put an effective team together, and match it with the right ministry project!

Just talk to them for about 20 minutes and you will hear their excitement about a potential trip for you and your group. Their skills range from budgeting and logistics to hospitality and creativity.

They wil design and coordinate a missions trip tailored to your needs and goals for your mission team members. Come for a week, 10 days or two weeks. You choose your area of ministry.

Do you want to teach, preach, hold an evangelistic outreach, work in schools, senior centers, do light construction, painting, sports or music ministry? Or some of each area? You decide. We do the rest. We provide you with a complete ground package that includes your housing, transportation, food and ministry costs.

Our mission

Our mission is to share Christ while building partnerships with the people and churches of Puerto Rico. We believe we should engage, equip, and encourage local pastors to grow their churches and plant new ones. Our experience tells us that if we can connect a local church with a U.S. church, that partnership will thrive. And living in Puerto Rico gives us a great advantage of knowing the local pastors and church leaders, and their specific needs.

The territory's churches represent your fellow Americans. They are as American as each of you, and today they are going through the worst financial conditions in the history of Puerto Rico. The government has cut most social programs and now the churches need to step forward in a dynamic manner. However, most of the churches in Puerto Rico are small, and their pastors are bi-vocational and ill-equipped to do this job. They are asking for help, for education, for teams to come and teach and preach. They need encouragement.

The following are pictures taken after the 2017 Hurricane

Disaster Relief Projects:

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Iglesias Bautista Rios de Agua Viva (1)
Cost for construction materials: $1025

This is an 80 member suburban church with very active local ministry. The young pastor and his wife have developed a strong team of leadership who are making a solid difference in the community. The strength of the building held up well during the hurricane and they suffered minimal damage to the structure. A small team could make repairs to this building in approximately three days. The cost of materials needed can all be found at local stores such as Home Depot.

Isla Verde Baptist Church (2)
Pastor George McKnight
Cost for construction materials: $22,458

This English speaking church located in the heart of the San Juan tourist area suffered some major damage with the hurricane. The entire roof was ripped off the sanctuary. One of the very few English speaking churches in the San Juan area, it provides a location for many tourists visiting and more importantly the 20% of locals who speak only English. This project would call for a large outlay for materials. The repairs could be done in stages with more than one church or group taking on the project. As with all projects a complete list of materials is available from Vision Puerto Rico.

Iglesias Bautista Oasis (3)
Pastor Farlin Reynoso
Cost for construction materials: $2173

This new church plant, led by a National Guard Chaplain, has grown fast during its' first year. The church is located close to the international airport and shopping centers. The church is in the process of purchasing the property and expanding in size. Two teams under the direction of Vision Puerto Rico have remodeled and repaired the property. The damage to the church was not extensive and a small team could have repairs made within a week. A Home Depot is located less than 10 minutes from the property.

Iglesias Bautista Aguadilla (4)
Pastor Benito Diaz Laureano
Cost for construction materials: $497

This older church with many senior members is located approximately 2 hours from the San Juan area. The pastor is a retired federal judge. He and his wife are very active in the church community. She leads a Christian women's organization and they both have provided camp opportunities for inner city children. The church is a larger concrete structure that suffered only minor damage. A team could be dispatched from San Juan for a one day project while other team members worked in another church. This project could also be done by providing the funds for materials and approximately $300 in local labor.

Iglesias Bautista Belen (5)
Rev. Rafael Rodriquez Lamboy
Cost for construction materials: $4517

The pastor is a former missionary and has grown a church to over 100 people with very active connections in the community. The church suffered significant damage to its' sanctuary. They are now cramped into a space on the first level. The sanctuary is located on the second level of the building. This is a perfect project for a midsize team, some with construction experience, who could complete this in one week with preparation ahead of time. This would include materials ordered through a local company and delivered on site. This is a very mission-minded church and assists other churches in growing ministry in the communities. Vision Puerto Rico has a construction assistant who can assist with setting up this project.

Iglesia Bautista La Nueva Jerusalem (6)
Dr. Daniel Juarbe
Cost for construction materials: $4473

Dr. Juarbe is the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Baptist Association in the San Juan area. The church is located in Bayamon, about a 45 minute drive from the international airport. Dr. Juarbe and his wife Rosa are leaders in the area of missions and local outreach. He was on our team doing mission work in Uganda, East Africa, in 2017. The church has to meet outside and this is a problem with rain and for families with children. Until the repairs are done, the church has no area for small children and babies to be kept during services. This is another perfect opportunity for a mid size team to complete within one week. A Home Depot is located about 10 minutes from the church. The church is currently providing a feeding program for those hard hit by the hurricane.

Ministry Projects

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PROJECT Church Plant (1)

A new church plant, located in the Carolina suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is looking for teams to come and minister in their community. Their congregation is led by a young pastor. His family lives in that area, and the church has many families, young adults and seniors. The church has its own building and available outside space for ministry projects. Close to this church is a recreation building which has large courts for sports activities. Listed below are potential ministry projects which can be combined or extended for up to a week or 10 days of ministry.

Vacation Bible School
Sports Camps
Block Parties
Light construction work on building and property
Music Programs
Youth Ministry
Family Ministry

Choose one or more to fit your teams interests and skills.

For more information, text or email us. Look for our Contact Page.


Working with a local Puerto Rican Army Chaplain, minister to the service members and their families. Military personnel, including Army and Coast Guard are located on the mainland of Puerto Rico. Some of the ministry would take place in the local church, camp, military facility or park area. Listed below are possible ministry opportunities:

Retreat for husbands and wives
Camp for children of military families
Babysitting, allowing husband and wife a day or evening out
Assisting families with minor upkeep at their home
Block party, celebrating their families
Party for veterans and families
Choose one or more to fit your team's interests and skills.

For more information, text or email us. Look for Contact Page.

PROJECT Vieques (3)

Located seven miles off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico you will find a small island named Vieques.

Vieques has no stop lights, no movie theatre, no bowling alley, and wild horses run freely on the island. It is a quaint place, visited by tourists because of the beautiful beaches. VPR has made a solid Christian impact on this island. With support and cooperation from some church partners, VPR has been able to complete the remodel of an old apartment. What was a rat-infested, bee-hive infested neglected space, is now a clean, modernized, modest Mission House that can house up to 15 people. Visiting pastors and mission teams have used the space.

Below are some ministry projects available on the island of Vieques (Isla Nena):

Provide two days of Christian teaching in the local elementary school (Yes, they let us take Jesus into the schools!)
Block Party for elementary school (grades K-5)
Ministry work at local high school (grades 9-12)
Block Parties in two of the housing projects
Free Car Wash Ministry
Ministry to Seniors at senior center (crafts, music, devotional, visiting)
First Responder Ministry (provide and serve first responders; Bible study with them)
Evangelistic services in the Town Plaza
Sports Camps at the ball fields (basketball, baseball)

PROJECT Iglesias Bautista Apocalypses in Aguadilla, PR (4)

Crash Boat Beach is one of the most famous beaches of this community. And it is located about 5 minutes from this church. This church has a pastor who was a former district judge and is on Vision Puerto Rico's board of directors.

They have had some real problems in the past year and need a dedicated team to help repair the church from some vandalism. Also, they need the outside of the church painted and a new window placed in the sanctuary.

But the main emphasis is on reaching the community. They are open to any evangelism opportunities.

For more information email:

PROJECT Disaster Relief Training (5)

This is an island where tropical storms and severe weather hits about every year. Occasionally a major hurricane hits the islands and extensive damage is done. The churches are in desperate need of disaster relief training.

You cannot find a disaster relief trailer on the island. They have no training in "mud out" or feeding during a disaster. This includes assistance with a major apartment fire.

A church or group trained in disaster relief could make one of the most significant ministry trainings ever accomplished on the island.

For more information email:

PROJECT Pastor, Women and Men's Retreat (6)

Talk about a project that would make a huge difference! These are the ones. Teams coming to provide a retreat and training for one or more of these groups would change so many churches and homes.

The divorce rate is very high in Puerto Rico, pastors leave the ministry each week because of discouragement. Families are in desperate need.

Are you willing to move where only faith can survive? Find out how you can provide a retreat that would change a life and possibly yours.

For more information email:

What people are saying

Howard and Connie Waller know how to make a trip work! They can help you develop a relationship, projects, and details with potential partnership churches.
Dr. Bob Ryan, Former Team Leader, Mile High Baptist Assn, Denver
After working with Howard and Connie, I knew about their real interest in helping others. They are both amazing and are doing a good job with the students of Vieques high school. May God bless them.
Carmen Delerme, Director, Vieques High School
Howard and Connie have hearts the size of the mainland. They seem to know partners everywhere and have that knack for recruiting and empowering people to go and to serve.
Jim Walters, Retired Senior Pastor, Bear Valley Church, Lakewood, CO
People are still talking about the number of people who came to Christ last summer at the outreach Howard and Connie planned!
Dr. Daniel Juarbe, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Baptist Association
If you want to know how angels work, ask me about Rev. Howard and Connie Waller. They have taught us how to expand our evangelism with outreaches to our island people.
Pastor Hector Cruz, Pastor Emeritus Iglesia Bautista Saron, Vieques, PR
Our mission partners Howard and Connie Waller have been doing ministry and missions (around the world) for over 20 years.
Chip Colee, Worship Pastor, First Baptist Montgomery (Alabama)

Board of Directors

Kevin Kallander (Chair)

Retired from the FDA after working there for 33 years, Kevin is a microbiologist. After retire-ment, he started his own microbiology consulting business. He can be found on just about any continent at any time. His greatest award was Outstanding Service Award, which came because he recovered Pathogenic micro-organisms from a drug sample that should have been sterile. The case was covered by “60 Minutes.” Kevin says he loves being a microbiologist be-cause he loves protecting the American public. “The reason I support Vision Puerto Rico is because of the great passion Howard and Connie have for sharing the love of Jesus in foreign lands,” says Kevin. “They have devoted a large part of their lives leading missionary church teams to the far corners of the earth. They have worked hard after retirement to develop VPR, reaching adults, young adults and children. They have a unique ministry; they reach en-tire neighborhoods with their block parties, outside movies on their inflatable screen, VBS, and work teams, fixing anything along the way that needs fixed. What an impact they are making in Puerto Rico!”

Vicki Kallander

“I serve on the Vision Puerto Rico because Howard and Connie ae very special people who reach out to the community bringing them the Word of God,” Vicki says. She has been on many mission trips that include Uganda, Kenya, Haiti, India, Mexico and Puerto Rio several times. Having been trained in Disaster Relief through the Colorado Baptist General Conven-tion, Vicki went to Louisiana after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. She and her husband have taken in and cared for more than 50 kids in foster care over 15 years. They have six children and 14 grandchildren. Needless to say, she loves kids! And she and her husband take their vacation time to come and serve alongside the folks in Puerto Rico helping with large mission teams from the states.

Michael Pickering

Michael is founder and lead pastor at Matthew’s Party, a church in Aurora. He has a portfolio career. He is also the Music Director and State Chair of the Music and Entertain-ment Entrepreneurship Program at the Community College of Aurora. He is also the President of Lionsong Entertainment, Inc. His “claim to fame” is his marriage to his in-credible wife, Amy, and daddy to their amazing daughters, Arabella and Arianna. He said, “I serve on the VPR board because I believe in Howard and Connie. I have been involved with this extraordinary couple for several decades. Their faith in Christ and commitment to serving is the real deal.”

Karen Taylor

Karen attends Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, Colorado. She said she supports VPR because, “Having participated in a short term mission trip to the Philippines, led by Howard and Connie I determined to be a part of whatever ministry they would lead in the future. Upon retirement from BVC, the Wallers formed VPR and I jumped at the chance to be a part of their work in this beautiful but challenged land and her people. My heart was further touched by the work they are doing. They have an ability to connect with young people, which astonishes me! I am quite hon-ored to be invited to join the board to help these fine missionaries in whatever the Lord leads them to do. My heart joins them in unity as they love on people of other cultures, spread the gos-pel, and encourage members of the Body of Christ.” In retirement, Karen is a short-term mission-ary, psychotherapist, spiritual coach, and writer. Karen holds a Doctorate in Ministry. She was also Ms. Colorado Senior America, and then 1st runner-up for National Ms. Senior America in 2011.

Bob Ryan

Bob Ryan retired from Mile High Baptist Association, Denver September, 2014. He presently serves as part-time pastor, Ranch Drive Baptist Church, Ponca City, Okla-homa while developing the R&R Ranch and Restoration Retreat Center, Inc. in Newkirk, Oklahoma. The ranch is being developed to serve as a short-term retreat center for Pastors under pressure and Combat Veterans seeking help with reentry skills. He currently supervises Doctoral Students for Golden Gate Baptist Theologi-cal Seminary. He serves on the Board of Trustees for Vision Puerto Rico and Church-es of Excellence, Inc. with Attorney Steve Lewis of Edmond, Oklahoma. Married to Charlotte for forty-six years, they have two sons living in Newkirk/Ponca City, Okla-homa with their families. They have eight grandchildren residing on the R&R Ranch (a working ranch) or nearby where he and Charlotte retired.

Pam Harms

A member of Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, Colorado for many years, Pam serves on the Pastor prayer team, healing prayer team and choir. Pam says, “I serve on the VPR board because I believe in Howard and Connie. I have known them when they served at Bear Valley. I have worked alongside them on several mission events and trips. I have seen their passion and desire to serve and work with people all over the world.” Pam is an elementary teacher and has taught for 29 years in Denver, having been named “Teacher of the Year” in the Denver Public School District, where she teaches.

Maggie Woods

Maggie has attended Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, Colorado for several years. She serves on the Pastor prayer team, healing prayer team, Sunday School Class, and choir. “I have known Howard and Connie for many years,” she says. “I have had the pleas-ure to be with them on several mission trips. They have a heart for the peo-ple.” She retired from Jefferson County Human Services after 27 years and has been on many mission trips in the last 35 years. Some of them include: 9 to Eastern Europe Countries; Romania, Haiti, 3 to Africa and 3 to Vieques, PR. Maggie is very proud of her two daughters and her four grandsons. Some of her talents include being a Clown with Clowns of America.



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